What do you need your computers to do for you? We can make them do it!

Wildstar Consulting is a small group of expert technical consultants and programmers. We pool our skills to provide individual computing solutions for virtually any business. Our emphasis is on custom software development; however, we recognize the need for everyday services for our small and medium size business clients.

Therefore, our services range from hardware setup to custom software development to technical support - no matter what your needs, our expertise and experience is available to you. Our approach is personal and flexible. We specialize in after hours, weekday services to minimize the impact on our clients. And with low overhead, our rates are also low. If you need your computers to do something for you, contact us for a free consultation today.

Dirk Sieber, President


p.s. As time allows, this site will expand to include more information about our services, testimonials from our satisfied clients, useful articles, and so on. Meanwhile, please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

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From Stephen R. Covey's "First Things First, Every Day. Daily Reflections"

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